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Latest News

16.07.2017 - Game of Thrones - New Season 7 started (Already VIP? Check out the VIP page for Bonus to GoT)
16.07.2017 - Spotweb Access for VIP users added (check VIP TopUp page for VIP bonus)
25.05.2017 - more screens for adult section (in mobile view)
26.03.2017 - new payment method for VIP Upgrade (paysafecard | amazon.de E-code)
25.03.2017 - API load issue solved - added load balancing to API - speed improved
24.03.2017 - Forum is working again
10.09.2016 - New mobile-friendly theme and we fixed some API issues regarding TV Shows - Discuss new theme
30.07.2016 - API working again - We are deeply sorry about the mess-up! Good news: The changes that were made, reduced the workload for the database quite a lot.
09.01.2016 - Moved to new http server for faster speed
12.09.2015 - Download without missing blocks Read more about it
24.05.2015 - Mobile Optimisation We optimized for mobile devices and moved some navigation items elsewhere - all functions are still as before.
11.04.2015 - Contact: Our contact form is working again.
23.03.2015 - Topup: Upgrade to VIP Lifetime now and get 2000 api hits and 200 nzb downloads per day
20.03.2015 - nzedb Update: We updated to the newest version of nzedb. Check out the new XXX and Games section
01.01.2015 - Performance Upgrade: We moved to a new dedicated server with more power to speed up everything.


nzb.is is based on the nZEDb script, which is a fork of older newznab script. The API is compatible with sabnzbd, nzbdrone, sickbeard, couchpotato and similar software.


Better Usenet experience

We all know that most usenet providers are so quick with deleting content nowadays, that it's time to give the new providers a try, those who are not reselling from the large providers. We found one of them, try them out and you won't regret it - promise! Their trial-period is free with no strings attached.

Read our info page for more information!


We dislike tracking and spying as much our fellow usenet fans. So we decided to run this service without tracking software from third parties. Also we turned off various logs, that means the nzedb script is running logs turned off and the apache access logs are deleted every 15 minutes (due to bug tracking, service abuse and stuff like that, there are short-time logs required). The remaining logging is based on interally hosted piwik to monitor general site traffic and is always done with the last subnet removed form the ip address. To put it short: We do not store IP addresses more than 15 minutes in our logs. We support hosting locations in countries that are privacy-friendly. Currently we have a domain name registered directly from iceland and in the future our site will be also reachable throw a proxy server hosted in iceland. We will still offer us, canada or eu based proxy server to serve better speed.